With the advent of 21st century, customer needs and shopping habits have changed. This change necessitates the use of more experiential elements in store designs. While the new generation of time-limited customers prefers to shop through mobile apps, shopping from stores is now a part of social life. Especially for retail brands, it is a very difficult process to get the customers of this age who live fast, consume fast and their expectations are rising in every sense and keep them in the store. Everything from wearable technologies to music broadcasting, in-store seating to visual shows is focused on ensuring that the customer has a good experience during their stay in the store.

In the design and decoration of the store all this is considered as a whole. So, what are the design and decoration elements that will affect customers’ decision to buy?

Touch The Senses!

It is very important that the stores are designed in accordance with both the technical sense and the brand philosophy to affect the customers in their purchasing decisions. While research shows that the current mood has a huge impact on shopping, store designs need to be considered in a way that appeals to the customers’ spirit and emotions, both visually and with all the elements used inside. So you need to appeal to all 6 senses. This is called “experiential marketing” today.

Note that every area in the store must be evaluated. Every detail, from the color of the wall to the display units, from the decoration objects to the lay figures used, should be considered delicately and every area in the store should be designed like a display case. The colors used in the design compatible with the products, not tiring the customer are among the factors that extend customer’s spending time in the store. Remember, the most important part of this job is to think of colors as the enjoyment of life … however, various visuals, mirrors, interior logos are the elements that enhance the in-store aesthetic…

Emphasis Should Be Placed On Products

As well as giving customers a good experience in store designs, it is also important to put emphasis on products. You can do this only with the right product lighting. You need to make use of decorative lighting. With this kind of lighting, it is possible to attract the attention of the customers to the products.