Office designs today are shaped by changing ways of doing business. Now we see more of the work and socialization areas created by taking inspiration from cafes in the designs. While the concept of open office has been in our lives for a long time, open offices have also changed its form. Offices are transformed into living spaces with tools such as comfortable seats, bookcases, potted plants, and richer work environments are designed than experiential start-ups. With all this, it is aimed to create environments suitable for collective thinking and creative process. Thus, it is aimed to increase productivity in the working environment.

Occupations Influence Office Designs

A new generation of professions brings many different approaches in office environments, while shared spaces are involved. Meeting spaces suitable for Team Work, open general manager and CEO rooms that enable them to be intertwined with their team and strengthen their business relationships are the sine qua non of the next generation of office environments. In the balances established in business life, professional life and social shares are now considered intertwined.

While the expectations and needs of office users stand out in the next generation of office designs, the values and goals of the companies are analyzed and the designs are integrated with them. The use of more daylight than artificial lighting in the space, comfortable furniture, and creation of rest areas for the employees is among the important elements of the interior design. In all these, the new generations of professional groups with increasing flexible working models are effective. Besides the overall interior design, there are also some key features sought in office furniture. These properties can be listed as follows:

  • The furniture protects the health of employees.
  • Functional and stylish furniture is kept in the foreground to be compatible with technology.
  • Furniture is chosen to reflect the spirit of the office.
  • It is important to give energy and vitality to employees by means of colors.
  • Take into account the elements of comfort, especially for those who spend long hours working at the desk.
  • Lighting does not tire the eye.

Design Offices of the Future from Today

If you want to be ready for the future already and to lead innovations, it is worth considering some points.
Not much, but in 15 years at most, the cables will be completely disappear. There will be no offices without
smart infrastructure. If the digital hardware is not strong, we will not be able to provide an efficient working
environment. Smart technologies will still be in our lives but more nature-focused.