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The Exhibition Stand is the parts that are used as offices, which are established during the Exhibition in the visiting area. During the Exhibition, if it is a book exhibition, book readers will visit the
author and purchase books. Therefore, the established stand should best represent the person or company.

Exhibition Stand Types

The Exhibition stands are made of wood and modular, and the wooden stands are custom-made for the exhibition in terms of design and all-inclusive manufacturing basis. Wooden stands cannot be used again at the end of the exhibition. However, the table and the chair can be used in another stand application by taking materials that can be used again, such as electrical assembly.

Modular stands are previously produced and stored in certain sizes. It is combined into pieces and made into a stand. It is then disassembled and stored again at the end of the exhibition and stored for reuse in another exhibition.

Colors used on floors and stands

The prices of these stands vary according to the stand design, the material used and the type. In addition, in the exhibition stands to be designed as exhibition stands podium – tile, carpet or parquet floor is used. Paint colors on the chipboard – paint stands, foil colors on the modular stands, and chipboard colors on the chipboard- lam stands are also used in stands.

Devices and items required in the stands

The company that will introduce its products to the market or the author who will introduce his books requires some devices and items in the stands. Brochures and catalogues of the products mini fridge, coat hanger, refreshments, cups – spoons – plates, phone charge, tea – coffee – cold drinks, water and sugar, business cards for the staff if there are staff in the booth and books belonging to the author if the Exhibition is book exhibition. These are included in the design.

There are many companies that design and practice exhibition stands in the market. The customer can order the stand in the material and size suitable for them by looking at the stand models produced by these companies from the web pages of these companies.


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