Exhibitions and congresses are corporate participation organizations in which brands participate in order to promote themselves, to reflect their image, to bring their products and services together with related people. Corporate design for the Congress Center prepared in accordance with your image and infrastructure brings you and the product you are trying to promote and service to the forefront in the best way. In addition, our company, which cares about mission and vision concepts and values, aims to reflect these values of your brand to your target audience in the best way with its original designs and creative ideas.

Design and preparation process of the Convention Center

The fact that brands have a specific day and space to promote themselves at the conventions they attend indicates that design needs to be considered down to the finest detail. Our company prepares the appropriate area for its customers by evaluating many issues such as the Congress Area, corporate colors, products and services to be introduced, the message to be given and purpose of the Congress.


           The preparation of the convention center is a process carried out jointly with the brand and our company. We think that the exchange of ideas is important in this process. Since our first job in our work and design is to understand the brand’s image and what it wants, we are moving forward by keeping the satisfaction of both parties at a high level.