Professionals who trade both locally and globally in the business world continue to come together at various congresses and exhibitions. Congress and exhibitions are very important organizations for companies and brands to carry out their own products, to establish new business connections, to contact potential customers, to establish business associations, to be aware of trends in the world and in the country where they operate. Today, each sector has its own exhibition and various congresses organized by professionals. It is very important to make the right stand design and applications for the companies that rent stands in order to promote their brands and new products and to convey their service philosophy correctly in the congresses and exhibitions that are usually held at certain periods of the year. The importance of the stand design is undeniable, especially in order to attract the attention of both the professionals and the visitors who
are participants of the congress and to enable the visitors to examine the exhibited products.

Issues to be considered in the Congressional Stand

You should be aware that the main purpose of congressional events is not to perform product sales. The purpose here should be to inform other representatives and users of you, your new products and your work in order to make later sales. The way to make your brand and products visible is now possible through multidimensional stand designs. In fact, instead of platforms where only logos and visuals are used, building experiential spaces in the booth is becoming more and more prominent today. If we say the areas to experience the products are the sine qua non areas of the congress stands, we do not exaggerate. In addition, we can list the following items as the issues to be considered in the Congress stands:

  • It should not be forgotten that congresses are different events compared to exhibitions and that purposeful considerations should be made.
  • An Ideal Congress booth should have seating areas. Tables and chairs should be placed in the stand.
  • There should be areas for food and beverage presentation. Thus, it is possible to attract visitors to the booth and keep visitors in the booth.
  • An important element that stands out in an Ideal Congress booth is lighting… Here, a good lighting is meant to design a light that is adequate and does not tire the eye. White light is an extremely effective method, considering the best light is daylight. The equal distribution of light on the entire stand is another detail… so you can draw the same level of attention to every area of the stand.
  • It is important to avoid complex stand designs as well as to make a design that is noteworthy. You can understand the creativity of the brand, the competitive approach from the design of the stand

To summarize, an ideal Convention stand should not be considered independent of the correct lighting, stylish decoration, a different concept, safe materials and details for the target audience.