Today’s cafes are no longer considered merely socializing spaces; they are also an important part of working life. Technology and the internet have changed the dynamics of life so much that it is reflected in the way they work. We no longer accept cafes and decoration elements that are built independently of technological elements in life. In this context, we can say that different elements of cafe design and decoration, trends that capture the day and approaches to the future stand out.

Thematic cafes increase

The numbers of places where people can work comfortably think and hold business meetings when necessary has increased. High speed and capacity internet connection is now the most basic condition for every venue! Moreover decoration style evoking the natural environment and where green is used also stands out. Games, books, coffee and tea themed places, namely thematic cafes are increasing. Today, we can often see the common use places where people who are interested in and who are focused on specific topics to the new concepts of the same cafe will meet. Interior and exterior spaces are completely designed according to these preferences and needs. So now the meeting places are becoming quite flexible structures. It is constructed and created with different software and hardware facilities, different decorations and services.

In addition to these, employees are always taken into consideration without going to the office as a design style in cafe establishments. This increases the demand for areas worked on shared desks. Now the majority of the spaces are designed to suit the employees. Having plenty of sockets and Wi-Fi connections in venues has become paramount. Tables have shrunk in size because the large tables take up so much space in the space that customers, businesses and cafe employees do not prefer. The furniture used varies accordingly. All kinds of details with more functional elements are now more important than menus and location in cafes
that started to become multi-purpose spaces.

How to choose Cafe furniture?

In today’s cafes, very comfortable furniture is not preferred. The influence of the working class on this is quite large… with tables the size of a cup of coffee and a computer are more preferred. Comfortable but upright seating chairs, sockets and heated furniture are indispensable furniture of the new generation of cafes…

it is also important to establish a design balance and not drown the space with futuristic approaches. It is necessary to use technology, not to stray from the reality of life in doing so.